Victoria Rawson Dog Trainer


I am the owner and trainer of Unleashed Dog Training Az..


I do dog training in Sedona and all over the Verde Valley and Northern Arizona 

Victoria Rawson Dog Trainer

As far back as I can remember I have loved dogs. Dogs to me are just amazing creatures capable of so much more than most people expect.

I began training dogs when I was very young as something I really enjoyed. Later as a young adult I got bit by the dog show bug.

I had a beautiful Irish Setter I showed in the 70’s. That time opened me up to the dog world and I have been involved ever since. Having competed and still competing in the obedience rings. I have obtained many obedience titles as well as therapy dog certificates.

Going to school to learn to be a dog groomer and was hired by the teacher to work at her dog grooming school as a professional groomer. It was a great time of learning how to handle difficult dogs the students were unable to handle.

Later I was hired as a teacher to teach dog grooming. I went on to own and operate a professional dog grooming salon for many years. I always found that I was teaching the dog as much as I was teaching the student. Later training became my focus.

Working with dogs that people said had no chance. I found this to be a challenge I enjoyed to undertake. I have studied all dog training techniques and found I have created a unique style of training that works.

Staying on the ever changing cut edge of dog training is needed to being not just a good dog trainer but a great one. I must admit that it’s been the gift given to me by God that has allowed me to see into the dogs mind and understand why they behave the way they do.

Victoria Rawson Dog Trainer


I am ever learning not only do I read everything that’s been written on dog training, dog behavior, dog care ect . The dogs I have trained have taught me more than any human could. I have been training dog now for over 30 years and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

I look forward to the new dogs I will meet and train in the future. With unique insight and the ability to communicate with both people and dogs I can truly help build a loving and respectful relationship between owners and their dogs.

Training dogs is so much more. I have the ability to teach people as well. Spending most of my adult life being self-employed. Having a life that is mostly serving people I have a deeper understanding on how to communicate with people concerning their dogs. My passion is dogs and people, it’s what I love doing.

When I can change lives by changing dog behavior it give me great joy! My heart is for creating an atmosphere so dogs begin thinking as opposed to being managed for their behavior choices. I look forward to new people and dogs and the relationships that will enhance my life. 

Victoria Rawson Dog Trainer, Camp Verde and throughout the Verde Valley and Northern Arizona.


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Victoria Rawson Dog Trainer

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