Testimonials Unleashed Dog Training AZ

Testimonials Unleashed Dog Training AZ

Leo just finished his 8 weeks of obedience training and we couldn’t be happier with all the progress and his growth.

Victoria is so knowledgeable, and she shares that in such a kind way. We truly enjoyed every session and we will be back for more very soon.

We can’t wait to move forward with all we have learned.”  —  Tammy M.

In just eight weeks, Zoe went from a hard to control dog to a very well-behaved dog.

It was amazing what Victoria did for her and for us! We humans were well-trained also!

I highly recommend Victoria for your dog’s training needs.

She teaches them good manners by being firm, yet very loving. If you want your dog to be the best, he/she can be, take them to Victoria at Unleashed Dog Training AZ.” —  Karen H.

Just completed 8-week basic dog obedience training course with Victoria Rawson. Victoria has a deep understanding of how a dog thinks and views the world. She was able to logically explain the lessons to me as she was teaching Reggie.

I feel both Reggie and I got a solid education and can related better to each other for having this knowledge. Reggie is no longer confused by conflicting signals from me and is proud of himself when he is able to follow the clear commands that he knows pleases me and makes him safer in this confusing people world.

I highly recommend anyone considering training to meet with Victoria. I was convinced after our first discussion and then my expectations were exceeded during training.


Thank you, Victoria.”  — Barry & Reggie P.

Testimonials Unleashed Dog Training AZ
Testimonials Unleashed Dog Training AZ

Victoria and her special talent are amazing.

We adopted Makena in July this year she is 5 yrs old. We were told she was good with people and other dogs not true.

We were at our wits end and did some research on trainer’s in the area deciding we didn’t want to farm her out after just being adopted we went with the 8 week course 1 time a week.

Now we have a wonderful family dog, and we also have been trained to be good fur baby parents.

I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with their fur baby.”  — Cindy L.

We got a new Lab puppy last summer, and quickly realized we needed help.

We signed up for Victoria’s basic puppy class and it has made all the difference.

We really appreciated her direct but loving techniques, not only with our pup but his humans as well!

It has been unbelievable to see his growth and responses to the training. I’m starting to agree with Victoria when she tells us we have a great dog!

Highly recommended!” — Sharon M.

Testimonials Unleashed Dog Training AZ
Testimonials Unleashed Dog Training AZ

So many compliments, and so little space to put them all into!

Victoria is simply the best.

I thought I’d tried every approach with our newest rescue, Roxi, and had resigned myself to life with a dog who was extremely reactive to all dogs, and had to be separated from our 14 year old female ACD 24 hours a day.

Enter Victoria, and from their very first session together, Roxi made incredible improvements. Victoria taught me how to communicate better with Roxi, and be mindful of my body language and handling.

Every time I’m in AZ, I’ll be bringing Roxi in for more lessons…because the results are just amazing!” — Kerri J.

Victoria is a dog whisperer! She understands them, and she teaches humans how to handle their chosen canine companion. We have a working dog that really needed focus and training.

Max, our Belgian Malinois responded so well to Victoria’s instructions. Her guidance has helped us to become so much better. We have discovered aspects of our personalities that became evident during training that was hindering the growth and training for Max. The result in Max’s handling and performance are truly amazing. 

I am so happy we found Victoria Rawson and Unleashed Dog Training AZ. She’s fabulous. Thank you.” — JC and Dani

Testimonials Unleashed Dog Training AZ

Testimonials Unleashed Dog Training AZ


I got a 3-month-old yellow lab pup, I wanted him for a therapy dog and possibly a service dog in the future I called a few places around town and Victoria made me feel comfortable so off to doggie school we went.

I am amazed at how much my dog “Chance” has learned and retained in just a few short weeks. Victoria is not only patient but well versed in dog training and answering all my silly questions being a new pet owner.

Chance looks forward to going to class and excited to see Victoria each time. In a matter of about 4 weeks he sits with a stay and wait command, the same with down and stays until he is released.

He even behaved around 2 of her dogs (huge Great Dane) and her cat Batman that had no problem approaching my dog during training and on the whole behaved himself. I do have one thing to say– don’t take your training lightly, the more you work with your pet after training to reinforce the work that Victoria does, and you learn the bigger the rewards. My puppy is still a puppy with endless energy, but he behaves so well, and I can take him just about anywhere already. I am so impressed with the whole process.

I cannot thank Victoria enough for all she has done, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart!!!!! It is so pleasant to have a pet that not only I can enjoy but is not a terror when I have company, or someone comes to the door. AMAZING RIGHT he’s 4 months old. Thanks again Victoria I can’t wait to see what’s next.” — Juli W.

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Testimonials Unleashed Dog Training AZ