Teaching a Dog How to Think

Dogs begin learning at about 3 weeks, their eyes and ears open at about 10 days.

They are starting to get weaned around 3 weeks.

They begin interacting with siblings around this time.

It’s a great time to start handling the pups.

The more input the better.

I love the “puppy culture videos” They go into detail with all the development stages the pups go through.

They give insight in how we can affect these pup so they can be better adjusted dogs when they grow up.

Most people get their new pup at age 8 weeks.

I don’t recommend just a pup sooner because so much goes on in the nest between 3 and 8 weeks.

If you take one home sooner they will be missing out on this early learning.

Lifestyle Living with Your Dog

Dogs come out of the nest well as dogs! Pure reaction!!

You don’t have to teach your pup to be bad, but you need to teach you pup how to be good. Your pup will be learning how to react with their environment.

This is why it is so important to begin training as soon as you pup comes into your home. 

This will set your pup up for learning. By teaching right off the bat you will be training their brain to learn.  

The food bowl is a great place to start. By teaching your pup to wait for the food.

And by giving permission to move forward you will be teaching your pup impulse control. Also teaching your pup to wait at doorways will help them learn not to run outdoors. 

Playing learning games with your pup will begin teaching their brain to solve problems.

Every chance you get to teach them something will help them learn how to behave in your world.

The brain of a puppy is like a sponge.

The more you get your pup to connect the easier it will be to train your pup later.

Start now and reap great benefits later. 

This type of learning will drain energy from your pup so don’t over do it.

Short training sessions several time a day is best.

Remember a tired pup is a good pup!!


If you would like to know more about our training go here Unleashed Dog Training

Watch the Puppy Culture Video Here.


Teaching a Dog How to Think

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