A Tail of Two Dogs Part 4

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You do your research and find a breeder that really cares what they are producing in their breeding lines.

They health test all breeding dogs and have a very long history of health in the pups.

The puppy you get from them are more expensive than the previous puppy. Starting cost is $1500.00.

A Tail of Two Dogs Part 4

Your chances of having a problem with this puppy are much lower.

You have history on your side. All these pups come from health tested parents.

You can go to the web site Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and look up all the pups history and of parents, grandparents back several generations.

On this web site you can also look up the Breed statistics on genetic Elbow Dysplasia for Labrador’s retrievers.

You will find it runs at 10.5 percent.

This is with health tested dogs!!!!

A Tail of Two Dogs Part 4

Just imagine how high it is in untested breeding dogs. I’m using an example of only one genetic problem.

I just searched the data base for inherited diseases for the Labrador and found at least 42 possible genetic inherited disease.

Cost of health tested produced pup… $1500.00

A Tail of Two Dogs Part 4

I will leave you with the old saying “You get what you Pay for”.

If you are looking for a pure breed dog do you research. Find a breeder that is breeding to better the breed not just make cute puppies.

Wish you the best on your search.

A Tail of Two Dogs Part 4

A Tail of Two Dogs Part 4

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