A Tail of Two Dogs Part 3

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When you talk to the breeder they say none of the other pups have a problem.

They tell you the pup was very healthy when it went home with you.

In fact they had all there pups checked out with their local Vet. They question you on how you are raising your pup and what you are feeding him ect.

You are more than disappointed in the conversation and start to think it might be something you did.


A Tail of Two Dogs Part 3

Then you ask have you health tested the parents before you began breeding?

They say no and that they have produced many litters and have never had a problem.

When you are done talking to the “breeders” you are feeling like you have no support at all.

A Tail of Two Dogs Part 3

You go to your appointment with the Board-certified orthopedic Vet.

And after you finish you are told you pup needs elbow surgery and it will cost around $3000.00 dollars.

You are in shock!!!!

A Tail of Two Dogs Part 3

You are informed that without the operation you pup will suffer much pain and won’t be able to run and play like normal puppies his age.

You try and talk to the breeders again and you no longer are able to reach them. Never again do they return your call.

Yes you will spend the money after all you are now so in love with this guy.

Cost of discount puppy over $4000.00 so far……


A Tail of Two Dogs Part 3

A Tail of Two Dogs Part 3

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