Dogs Greatest Lesson to Humans

Dogs Greatest Lesson to Humans

When we receive a puppy it is the most joy filled time. Their little minds are so moldable and teaching sit comes almost magically.

We grow up together and each new day is filled with fun, laughter and sometime disaster. As we begin to raise our canine companion they fill our days.

They fill our lives! We start moving our lives around their care until they have made a place in our hearts.

After they grow into an adult we find they are so intricately entwined into our lives that we make decisions based on how they are affected.

Our love for them grows so deep we cannot imagine our life without them.


Then it happens….

Dogs Greatest Lesson to Humans

One day we notice our canine companion looks like they are not feeling well. We take them to the Veterinarian and the Vet speaks words that are unbearable to hear. 

Your dog has you fill in the blank and only has a short time to live.

We are numb not knowing how to think. We return home with a feeling we have not had before with our beloved friend.

Dogs Greatest Lesson to Humans

Life just changed! Sadness now fills our thoughts, our days. I know I have been here so many times. When I lost my heart dog  J.T. it was almost unbearable. My heart was broken so much I could feel it in my chest.

This brings me to my content in this blog. When do we know when it’s time to let them go? Some people tell you that they will let you know. I have said it myself to many a friend. Its true! They do let us know.

When you come to the point of realizing that they are suffering and have no more quality of life. When the things they love to do are now no longer important to them. This could include eating and drinking or playing whatever. When this is gone there is one more thing that has to happen.

 You have to be willing to let them go.

You have to put them before yourself. It’s the most extraordinary act of love you can give you canine friend. Even saying this make my eyes tear up. This is one of the hardest things to do. We feel this way because we love!!

There is a grieving process after you let them go. It’s a process and you must go through it. No way around it.

So here is the lesson

Dogs Greatest Lesson to Humans

With each dog we share our life together they teach us to be a better dog person. We learn from the mistakes we made with them. When we get that new puppy we tweak our method of how we raise them.

So I can say Thank- you J.T.

I now know how to love better, live better with the dogs I have presently. With each dog I share my life with I believe at that time they are the best. But it’s my past dogs that live on in my heart that make my present dogs my best dogs.

So Thank- you —- Goose (14), Jaydog (13), Dinky (18), and Tuner (3)!

Dogs Greatest Lesson to Humans

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