Dog Training

No two dogs are alike.

All training with Unleashed Dog Training AZ is adjusted to your personal dog. It is designed to meet your needs as a client in what you desire in your dogs behavior. Don’t be fooled into the one size fits all type of dog training.

We here at Unleashed Dog Training AZ look at the whole picture. Working within the success zones with your dog.

We don’t make your dog obey because of fear. We create a environment so your dog will become a thinking dog and obey because of the relationship they have with you the owner!

A relationship built on trust, love and respect. Except only the best for you and your dog!!

Free initial consultation:

1 hour: This helps me get to know your dog and how you interact with your pet.

It gives me insight into how your dog thinks and receives information.

No two dogs are the same and each level of dog training is custom made to help your dog have success.

Dog Training

Our focus is teaching your dog to understand basic obedience and become a thinking dog.

This information helps to build the best training plan for you and your dog. You will also meet me and understand my unique training style.

You must have a good relationship with your trainer also! This give you the opportunity to decide if we are a good fit. 

I look forward to talking with you about your dog.

Dog Training

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