Dog Training Secrets

Are There Really Dog Training Secrets

Are there really Dog Training Secrets nobody talks about? Yes I believe they do exist.

The one that really is not talked about is the power of play training.

When teaching a new behavior I use lots of treats. After the dog understands what I am asking I require the dog to obey the new command with no treats but still add in lots of praise. 

But then I add a twist to it.


Dog Training Secrets

Let’s say I am teaching the down command. After the dog understands the behavior Down, and it obeys.

Now I want to add some spunk to the behavior.

I just don’t want a sad faced dog doing a down command.

I want a dog that’s happy and responding because he wants to please me. He is enjoying doing the command. 

Dog Training Secrets

So I make a game out of it.  I call this game the Ready Random Game.

Of course, you need at least three commands on board for this game to be random.

Lets say the dog know sit, down and stand.

 I start the game with lots of treats on every behavior and later just give a treat for a package of behaviors.

Say 2 sits, 1 down and 1 stand Treat.

Dog Training Secrets

I start the game this way… Ready…. Sit! I give a treat for sit.  Next Ready….Down! I give a treat.

So I ask for whatever position the dog is not in hence Random!

This is a very quick paced game and done for only a brief time. Dogs really get into this game.

When they are having the most fun I say All Done and stop the game.

Dog Training Secrets


Don’t forget the word READY plays an important part of the game.

To the dog the way you say this word should make them anticipate something good is about to happen.

You would not believe the next time you do the game the attention you get from your dog is unbelievable.

Now back to obedience training. You ask for a down and the dog drops into position as if he is still playing the game.

I call this happy obedience.

Give this Play training a try at home you will be pleasantly surprised.

Until next time Enjoy Your Dog!

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