Dog Training Road Trip

Guest Blog by John Tarr


It was time for a road trip.

I had designed a website and blog for a dog trainer a few years ago and have taken care of the maintenance of this website in addition to posting up blogs that she has sent me.

Victoria Rawson business is called Unleashed Dog Training and is located in Camp Verde in Northern Arizona.

My wife Monica and I are located in Tempe outside of Phoenix which is a two-hour drive from where we live. With the coronavirus lockdown in effect we have not gone many places in the last few months, so we decided it was time to hit the road.

As I designed Victoria’s website on dog training, I had a chance to learn a lot about dogs, humans and how this combination interacts with each other.

This is one of the fringe benefits of designing websites for people and companies is that I get learn a lot about what makes them tick.

Dog Training Road Trip

The psychology behind training a dog is very interesting and straight forward according to Victoria. Not only is she training the dog but also the human as well. In fact, the human training is the more important of the two.

The dog is actually easier but the human not so much.

She has sent me many photographs and some videos of her in action as she does her training so I got an idea how she does what she does but I wanted to see for myself as she worked with our  new dog Mitzy that Monica had acquired for our house hold.

Victoria’s dog/human classroom is located in her front yard so to speak. Her and her husband designed a great location out in front of their home with a gravel driveway separating the house from a large grass area, two very large trees and a shade overhang to keep the trainer, humans and dogs cool no matter how hot it is.

The temperature was in the middle 90’s on this day in July, Monica and I and our little dog arrived, and the shade kept us very comfortable.

When we arrived Victoria immediately greeted us and our dog. I knew instantly the she loves dogs by the way she connected with Mitzy right off the bat.

Dog Training Road Trip

Dog Training Road Trip

After introductions Victoria began explaining to us how dog owners need to be firm with their dogs and make their yes be yes and their no means no. Dogs a very smart but they also live in the moment so there is no middle ground with them.

You have to be consistent with them. Do not beg dogs to do things but give them commands. Dogs want to please their human masters, but they need to know what their boundaries are.

It’s up to the trainer to teach them what these initial boundaries are but the dog owner needs to follow up with what is being taught or it will be a waste of time.

Victoria has two large gardens on either side of her home. One for vegetables and one for flowers. My wife loves both.

Monica and Victoria went first to the vegetable garden and picked some of the largest most tasty tomatoes I have seen in a while along with some squash and peppers for us to take home.

Dog Training Road Trip

Mitsy waiting for the ladies in the garden in the distance.

Dog Training Road Trip

Victoria showing a air training device that she uses.

They then sauntered over to the flower garden leaving Mitzy and I under the shade of her large tree to keep each other company.

When we left the Phoenix valley that late morning it was supposed to reach 112 degrees so coming to Camp Verde and its high of 95 was downright … well cool is a relative term but at least the term a bit cooler would be the right one.

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Dog Training Road Trip

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