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Unleashed dog training website is here to help and be a support system for those clients whose dog I am working with. It’s a place to get information on classes and a place to order training equipment.


It will also offer a place you can get your questions answered in between training classes. It has a FYI section with free tips on some of the issues we are all faced with regarding our dogs.

Some of the dogs I will be working with will be featured so others can see progression in dog training. It will also have some videos that will be fun, insightful and entertaining.


We here at unleashed dog training are a family of dog lovers who want to encourage a deep bond and a deeper relationship with your dog through training.

“Our new puppy has only had two sessions with Victoria. The results have been truly amazing. Victoria has a very loving manner in her training.” ~ Scott and Mary

Dog Training

About Me

Dog’s Are Amazing!

My passion is dogs and people, it’s what I love doing.

When I can change lives by changing dog behavior it give me great joy!

Did I say I love dogs?



Find out what others have to say about me and my dog training techniques and how I have helped them and their dogs develop a deep bond and relationship with each other. I’m not just another dog training. A unique style of dog training.  

Dog Training


 My Training style is unique and customized to fit your dog. 

Each dog learns differently. I adjust my training to each individual dog.

 I also help you to better understand how your dog learns. Helping to build a better relationships

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